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I share your pain

Doesn't happen often to me, but sometimes it starts and just won't stop. Usually when gaming, or drawing.
Anyway, it may be short, but it was nicely animated and fun.

I expected awesome, and I saw super awesome!

I saw this on Sheezy first, but it was so good that, when I saw it here, I had to write a review. (and I don't write many reviews)
The graphics are the same nice style that fans are used to, and the movie is nice length, with lots of funny bits in.
I think this might be my favourite Eddsworld flash to date, and it certainly deserves it's awards and front page.
Keep up the great work Edd, because every new Flash you make seems to be even better than the last.

As good as I was expecting

I was excited to see another animation by you show up, hoped you would make one for Halloween, since you seem to enjoy making horror movies (zombies and whatnot).
And this was as good as I was expecting, just as good as your other recent stuff.
Good luck with the competition, I think you have a good chance of winning something

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Wierd, kinda fun

Graphics - Simple, but detailed in a way.

Style - There certainly are a few wierd/unique games around.. Clever, but simple how it works.

Sound - Good music, enough sound, nothing more really needed.

Violence - None really.

Interactivity - easy. move the mouse to move the ship, and continuously click and press space bar.

Humor - None really.

Overall - I think it's not as addictive as some other games I've played in Armor Games, but it's a kinda new idea, and I played a few times. It's just simple too.

Good, addictive

Graphics - They're nice and detailed enough. easy to see what's what and stuff.

Style - Sneaking made MGS a good game, and puzzles are good to make you think. would be nice if you could move diagonally aswell, but it's not a big problem.

Sound - Not much sound except the music which gets a little annoying. But I kinda started to ignore the music after a while. It's not a kind of music that you can't ignore and it's always annoying you the whole time. Kinda atmospheric.

Violence - some blood and beating up at the start movie. I dunno what happens at the end yet, 'coz I'm currently stuck on 26, but good so far.

Interactivity - running, hiding, and pushing. The puzzles work well, and so does the interactivity of the whole game really.

Humor - Gotta love running around in a box!

Overall - Well made, not too much of anything so that it gets boring, because all the rooms are different. The puzzles are well made. The game is addictive. A walkthrough would be nice, please :P I'll work it out eventually..

freeworldgroup responds:

Thanks... I'm sure you'll figure out level 26 eventually - it is the hardest of the game...

Overall good, but could have a few improvements

Graphics 9: Appart from the wierd way he runs, I can't complain about the graphics at all.

Style 10: The point-click adventure game style has been used for so long, but it never gets old. And in this one, the item combinations actually made sense, rather than making you stuck, and having to try every combination until something works.

Sound 7: The background sounds set the mood well, and most of the sound effects are pretty good. The voice acting was good, but it was pretty quiet at times, mainly the guy you control.

Violence 10: Blood and guts in every room. I like =D

Interactivity 7: Lots of clickable things, but some small objects like the Deoderant Can can be fiddly to click on, because you have to actually click on the object itself, and it's pretty small in the inventory bar.

Humor 4: This game wasn't really meant to focus much on humor, but it did have funny bits.

Overall 8: Not too short, not too long, but long enough to make this fun and worth playing. The graphics are very nice, and easy to tell what's what. I notice you say you already fixed the running animation before, but it still looks wierd. If the running was fixed a bit more maybe, and make the speech a bit louder and I'd give the overall a 9 or even a 10.

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